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Monday, June 6, 2011

Summer is here!!!!!!

Well I'm back...I've been away for a while. I needed time to take care of some family things and to get organized again...I swear when something happens in your life it's hard to recover, but I'm back at it and ready for SUMMER!!! The kids get out of school...tomorrow!!! My little Ryder has been so excited...he can hardly stand it. My middle son keeps trying to convince me that he doesn't need to go until later in the morning, because their not doing anything...SORRY!!! So as soon as the last bell rings for the school year...around 3pm it will be official...SUMMER BREAK!!!

I truly love to have the kids home...I know longer have to be up at the crack of dawn. We can all sleep in , stay up late, watch movies, swim. stay outside till 10pm and watch my little one enjoy the neighborhood's those little things that I enjoy most. I know some mom's dread for summer with the kids, but I totally love it...most of the time. We really have nothing planned...I'm sure Chicago will be one trip we all love to take for a long weekend and hopefully just swimming, visiting and enjoying family and friends.

My goal this summer is to really start getting this Blog up and going...My mind is constantly racing with ideas, projects I want to complete and books to read, recipes to try and decorating and repainting something in my house...LOL!!! It's always something...but honestly Blogging is something I really want to start doing and get my creative juices going...posting pics of my family, friends, how to projects, our garden and the Fresh Veggies will have this summer, food I've prepared and craft projects, websites I love and of course NEW things coming to Modern Charm. So I have have a lot to do and it's not even tomorrow yet...hahaha!!!

So a couple of times a week I'm planning on taking my laptop outside while I get some rays and share my life with you...Crazy most of the time, but happy and content all the time. I look forward to giving you a glance in my hectic and enjoyable life and share the many things I love about Summer!!

Until next time...Y

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