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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring Break!!!

Well, it's day 3 of Spring Break and I'm ready for a vacation from home...wish I was able to spend my days in the sun drinking fruity drinks, watching the kids play in the sand looking for shells and enjoying  the evening sun set...UGH!!! Instead I get to work and finish up taxes and watch the weather change from sun, rain and snow all in 1 week...I'm so glad that April is here and SPRING is in the air. The flowers are starting to bud on the trees, the grass is starting to turn green and you can leave the house with just a light jacket instead of your heavy coat...NICE!!
Everyone always feels better when the sun is shining and birds chirping and flowers's a RENEWAL...REFRESH...from the Winter BLAHS!!!! And I've had my share of that lately, so I'm really getting excited about Spring...which always means NEWNESS!!! I've been very busy looking for New Artist and Crafters to place in my shop and let me tell you...I feel like things are finally starting to look up...Thank God!!! I've been talking to some really talented people lately and honestly the most friendly group of ladies I've been lucky enough to meet online. I've got a little of everything from children's clothing, jewelry, handmade purses and women's handmade tops...everything is so darn cute!!!

I promise I will have pics so you can see what I've been looking at and what will be arriving in the shop this Spring and Early Summer!!!

I'm also making a few NEW items to place in the shop as well...once completed I will share with you and post pics!!
So, I'm going to go for now considering my accountant is waiting for some numbers, so I need to go...LOL!!! Thanks, for visting my blogspot and I will start adding more this month with pics, more favorite sites I love and NEW things arriving soon.
I can't wait to chat more...xoxo -Y-

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